What is SMS by KeyTech

SMS by KeyTech

SMS incorporates unprecedented technology into its functions. Effectiveness, efficiency, and regulation are maximized through the use of biometrics and touch compatibility. Once logged in through secured biometric recognition, users have the ability to operate SMS using touch screen, which reduces processing time. SMS supports the option of dual monitors, biometric scanner, document scanner, and signature capturing device and web camera, to ensure accurate documentation while eliminating the need for physical paper storage and maximizing efficiency.

What is SMS by KeyTech

Simplified & Centralized

Simple and easy to use user interface. A multi-solution platform which brings all SMS applications to a centralized system. Improved information flow, more capabilities and low cost.

What is SMS by KeyTech

Powerful Applications

SMS offers secure and effective application under one platform. With the most sophisticated technological functions and controls and easily configured.

What is SMS by KeyTech

Structurally Dynamic

SMS has the capability to be operated online or offline and is securely accessed via username and password or biometrically.

System Requirements

  • 64-bit Windows 7+
  • Intel® Core™ i7 - 6900K 6th Generation
  • 16 - 32GB RAM
  • 6 - 16 GPU NVidia Video card (If you use AEEP)
  • Min 1TB HDD
  • Permanent internet connection advisable (However SMS requires internet connection atleast once every 30 days for license validation)

You may want to request your visitor to sign-in before entry.

  • Topaz T-S460-HSB-R

For a quick authentication and to avoid manual typing error, it is recommended to use any of the hardware listed.

  • HID OMNIKEY 3121
  • Sagem MorphoSmart 1350

For a quick authentication and to avoid manual typing error, it is recommended to use the hardware listed.

  • 3M

It is a mandatory requirement to archive documents such as NOC certificate, Authorization letter, ID, Work permit etc.

  • Any BrandSMS by KeyTech

You may want to request from your personal or business visitors to have their photo taken the first and one time only for the record before entry.

  • Any BrandSMS by KeyTech

It is not mandatory requirement. It can only be used for the operators to log in biometrically instead of manually using user name and password.

  • ZKTeco ZK4500SMS by KeyTech
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