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SMS Lost & Found using digital technology, is designed to replace the old method of manual handwritten lost and found books and to cater the urgent needs to have a standardized, centralized and an efficient way dealing with lost property.
As you are aware that lost property is very valuable for its owner and must be dealt with extreme care, most of the people using a book to document lost property, with no memory, and if the book is lost or damaged then there is no back up records of any of the properties in the possession. With SMS lost & found accountability and security is no longer a grey area.
When someone claims their property, the system generate a random security question before the release of the property, to ensure that the correct person is claiming it.
  Desktop application with web accessibility
  State of the art design & functionality
  Comprehensive detailed documentation of a lost item
  Counts for each item found
  Generate random questions for verification before the release of the lost items
  Mandatory identification requirement to complete the process of handover
  Free Cloud Backup
  User Friendly
  Environment Friendly
Lost / Found application effectively manages lost items. It accurately manages lost possessions and the return of such possessions to the original owner. Upon discovery of a lost possession, the application requires a detailed information to be gathered for future collection. It has excellent verification features, which ensures that all recovered items are returned to the correct party. Its advanced search function provides a better search experience. Photos and digital signature feature allow for even more accurate item retrieval. That is why Lost & Found is a powerful application and integral part of Smart Multi-Purpose Solutions (SMS).

At SMS by KeyTech Ltd, we believe that security and facility management should be a straightforward and uncomplicated process. It should deliver efficiency, accountability, and consistency. SMS by KeyTech promises to not only revolutionize current security and facility procedures but also establishes a new standard within the industry. The value provided by our services and solutions will allow you to compete at unrivalled levels.

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