Keytech AEEP Automated Parking management System

AEEP (Automated Entry Exit Parking)

AEEP a completely automated, independent and only authorized vehicles can access your car-park, Counts for all the vehicles entered, gives you the duration of each vehicle stay, alert notification and authorize vehicle search. With (AEEP) you no longer have to worry about a vehicle parked in your parking bay or blocking your path. AEEP equipped with a vehicle of interest feature notifies you about a specific vehicle once entered a car-park. AEEP can integrate with your existing gate/ Barrie, operated locally or via web access, logs all operator manual or exceptional vehicles entries biometrically, and eradicate unauthorized vehicle entry.

AEEP designed to reduce the verification time, deliver consistency, efficiency and eliminate the opportunity of car-park staff vulnerability.

AEEP process:

Once a vehicle approaches car-park gate or barrier, the camera scans the number plate details and sends the data to the system for verification. Permission is instantly granted or denied depending on the vehicle's status. Manual vehicle authorization can also be done proving the operator has been granted biometric or user name & password permission if the vehicle is not registered with AEEP.

In many private car-parks, parking are limited to a numbers of vehicles, however many organization faces huge challenges having to deal with unauthorized vehicles entering their car-park, which causes many inconvenience to those whom are authorized, including the misuse of the access cards makes it more difficult for the security to recognize or contact the vehicle owner in case of the vehicle parked in the wrong place.

  Fully automated
  Less than 5 seconds to process a vehicle
  Detects vehicle registration duplication
  Operates without access card
  Limits the number of vehicles which can enter the car-park
  On screen loop detector
  Vehicle of interest alert
  Vehicle owner information search
  Support 9 cameras per screen
  Manual operation based on user & password or biometric authentication
  Accessible via web
  Playback video
  Activities report
  Gated community
  Private car-park
  Controlled car-park
  Residents & commercial properties car-park
  Universities, Colleges, Schools & Nursery

System Requirements

  • 64-bit Windows 7+
  • Intel® Core™ i7 - 6900K 6th Generation
  • 16 - 32GB RAM
  • 6 - 16 GPU NVidia Video card
  • Min 1TB HDD
  • Permanent internet connection advisable (However SMS requires internet connection atleast once every 30 days for license validation)

  • IR, LED or White Light with 20 metre range minimum.
  • 5x optical zoom minimum.
  • WDR (Wide Dynamic Range).
  • HD 1280*720P image resolution minimum.
  • sensor: Color, CCD 1/3”
  • After color : Configurable day/night mode switching After day and night
  • Lens type 5.2 – 58.8 mm
  • Video Encoding supports MJPEG.
  • Streaming Protocol support streaming over Http.
  • 15 FPS(frame per second) minimum.
  • HLC.
  • Any brand.
Programmable Logic Controller Models:
  • BarioNet
  • CAT6A
  • If the Cable Distance more than 60M (200ft) you will require repeater switch.
  • Maintain a minimum Bend Radius.
  • Do not run network cable in the next to wiring.
  • Recommended distance between the camera and the vehicle registration threshold minimum 2 meters not to exceed 8 meters if you operating automated barrier or gate.
  • Recommended camera vertical height from the ground 1-2 meters with maximum 20 degrees tilt angle.
  • Recommended camera horizontal position to be in directly view of the vehicle registration or with maximum 20 degree horizontal angle.

  • One of AEEP features & capability to identify who manually authorized an entry to your car park, that can be done by inputting the authorized personnel user name and password or using biometric scanner.
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